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Summer Steam

Summer Steam

by Kim Horner on June 24, 2020

Here is an example of how some questions turned into an exploring, creating, problem solving activity. A basket of foam blocks was placed on the sidewalk next to the wall along with a bucket of soapy water and paint rollers. Children began asking questions like, "How can we build with blocks on the wall? Will the blocks stick? How can we make the blocks stick?" As the students explored they discovered that when they painted with the soapy water on the wall first the blocks would stick. The kids then started creating structures as they would if building on the ground, but adding a special element... building while standing! 

 I'm decorating a museum!" - Kendyn
" I'm painting a rainbow!" - Avalon
" I'm going to get all the way to the top!" -  Harley
Not only did this challenge encourage problem solving it provided opportunities for creativity in visual art, social development, and gross motor development. Not to mention the toys were staying clean the whole time!

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